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In today’s life, people are influenced by someone or something that has a long lasting effect in their lives. To me, the fondest moments of my life has been created by the members of my family. I believe, my auntie Rose Mary a true African lady has been the most influential. I am what I am today because of her.

When I write a description about my auntie, there is nothing decisive about it, it is all about admiration. My auntie works as a counselor, she works with several learners. Watching her at work is the most inspiring thing, especially the manner in which she is able to connect with kids. All her learners trust and adore her; she has a gig tog emotional aptitude. She is able to get in a class or rooms, gets a person who is the bleakest, and manages to make him/her smile. There is everything to admire and not to fear about this delicate and petite woman.

Actually, my auntie is that ordinary woman, but in her small appearance there is an extraordinary perseverance, a kind heart, and an altruistic soul. The kind of auntie that brought me up is a persistent woman; she has a strong willpower to face any tough challenge that comes her way. My auntie is that person who always demonstrates great enthusiasm for any unfortunate lives without asking a dime, she has a great compliance to assist anybody in misery even though she does not have much. In this life nobody has taught me like my auntie has, She has not only inspired me on how to triumph over hardships I experience in life, but she has imparted me invaluable life lesson. Her perseverance and fortitude and a her kind heart has inspired me to grow and live a life of dependable person, a life of determination and perseverance, a life with cordial eagerness to receive and give love to anybody and have positive beliefs in future.

When my auntie smiles, she uses strength in her to see whether it can get any better. She has russet brown eyes which look like a skin of a winter apple, which are full of compassion and warmth. Her skin is dark in color. When she is at home her black neat hair is always tied up, it bounces with every step she takes. Mu auntie has an extraordinary character other than the rest women have; she never shouts at anybody, she has a low-keyed silky voice which encloses the listener with security with each word said. She is a great person that I love unconditionally and will admire forever.

From my auntie I have learned a lot of valuable traits in my life hence; I give her all my credit for making me the person I am today. Through my auntie, I have learned how to be patient with children, how to forgive, and how to love myself and other people. There are other people who have influenced several values in my life, but I believe my auntie has stood out more than any other person, she is an influential lady.

My auntie has shown me how to strive for anything that I want in life. She has taught me if I want to make it in life, I should put my all in my work at hand. Additionally, she has taught me if I have to start something then I should finish it. This is one trait that has played a major role in my life; it helps me to accomplish my tasks. It is the trait that has assisted me to stay in basketball during my junior level, and did well so I continued playing till today.

My auntie has brought me up as a person who does not only think about her actions, but as a person who is aware of the consequences of her actions. It is from my auntie I know for any decision I make there are several results, therefore, I should look at all possible results, weigh them and then choose. She has shown me how to approach every problem like an opportunity to discover something new and learn, and never to be discouraged if the problem seems big.

In our home education is highly prioritized, there is this conversation I had with my with my auntie I vividly remember about education;

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Auntie: daughter?
Me: yes auntie.
Auntie: one should learn as if they will die tomorrow. Education does not end it continues over generation, new things are being invented never get tired of learning…

When I was little auntie used to read educative stories, and would test me for spelling. As I grew older she would took me to the library and showed me how to use reference materials. While it may seem and sound generic that I described my auntie, I believe without the core values she has imparted in me, I would not be the scholar I am today.

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Utilitarianism is a theory of normative ethics which states that the rightness of an action is determined by its ability to promote happiness. However, utilitarianism is a deceptive theory that has quite a bit of intuitive appeal as well as its share of problems. I personally find this account to be plausible. To begin with, utilitarianism is a good theory in dealing with some moral problems in different fields of life. For example, you are doctor who works in an intensive care unit in local hospital. You are suddenly called to the emergency room to see a patient who has been brought in and require speedy admission. In the ICU there are no empty beds and it will take time to transfer the patient to another hospital. However, you have patient B in the ICU who is making good recovery and could be transferred from the ICU in a day’s time. In Utilitarianism viewpoint, the best action would be to move patient B into another ward to give way for patient A to be admitted. This is because moving patient B and admitting patient A would produce the most good because it would give a chance for the two patients to be attended to. Despite the fact that utilitarianism would appear to have some plausibility in the above given example, it also raises a number of questions.

One of the key problems that would arise in the above example is that of impartial utilitarianism. The decision to transfer patient B from the ICU appears to maximize the welfare of the two patients. However, people should not mind whose welfare they are maximizing; the only consideration would be to maximize welfare (Mill 54). One major problem with transferring patient B from the ICU is that you have duty to care him because you undertook to do so when you admitted him. Despite the fact that patient A is in a despite state, he/she is not your patient yet and you are more obligated to attend patient A. This example shows that despite the fact that utilitarianism is a moral theory with a bit of intuitive appeal, it has its own share of problems. In this case, the problem is partiality. Utilitarianism fails to appreciate the fact that moral obligations are founded on the nature of specific relationships.

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A good and plausible moral theory should require people to perform actions that are in conflict with their psychology. Based on this, utilitarianism appears to fail the integrity objection. This point can be explained by considering the following example. Presume that you are working in a war zone and you are kidnapped by one of the warring factions and demand that you help them to extract information from one of their captives. They threaten to behead other 100 prisoners they are holding if you fail to cooperate. Extracting the information from the said captive will involve torturing him. According to utilitarianism, the best thing under the circumstances is to cooperate in order to save the lives of the other 100 captives. However, inflicting torture on somebody is something that will haunt you forever. If the pain and suffering of one person can help save a hundred others, then the utilitarianism equation is balanced. However, the integrity of you as a person is totally ignored because utilitarianism assumes that moral choices are straightforward. The above examples show that utilitarianism is a deceptive theory that has quite a bit of intuitive appeal as well as its share of problems.

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1.0 Problem Background
As students, you are all familiar with the advising system at the School of Engineering and Computer Science (SOECS).  Among the features of the advising system are:

1.    Faculty advisors,
2.    Inside Pacific web based registration,
3.    Advisor hold for early registration,
4.    Individual student plan of study
5.    CAPP degree tracking system
6.    Personal plan of study developed by the student (in consultation with the advisor),
7.    Early/late registration time windows, and
8.    Over-ride capability (e.g., to over-ride a closed course).

The above feature list is merely illustrative; your personal experiences with the advising system provide the necessary background to develop a comprehensive set of features.

In this exercise, student teams will act as system engineers developing functional flow block diagrams of the advising system at the SOECS.  The following describe the work to be done as part of this exercise.

2.0 System Engineering Assignment
Early in the system life cycle, system engineers develop functional flow block diagrams as an aid for future engineering design.  This exercise asks that you develop a functional flow block diagram for a system.

Functional flow block diagrams (FFBDs) were discussed in class and are described in the textbook. You are encouraged to further read other sources (e.g., Wikipedia has a succinct but comprehensive section on functional flow block diagrams).   For this assignment, I would like a FFBD for the advising system at the SOECS with the following characteristics:

a.    Functional flow diagram requirements
i.    Block diagram size
1.    At least three levels of detail
2.    At least 12 blocks in the first level
3.    At least 75% of 1st level blocks must have a 2nd level
4.    At least 25% of the 2nd level blocks must have a 3rd level

ii.    Time window covered
1.    A nominal semester
a.    Assume a student is presently enrolled and undergoes the advising system process for the next semester (e.g., she is taking classes in a Fall semester and is registering for the coming Spring semester)
2.    FFBD covers all activities through the student “settled” into classes
a.    For example, if advising occurs in the Fall then the FFBD covers all activities through the student successfully enrolled and taking classes during the coming Spring semester

iii.    Must include a Requirements Analysis Sheet
1.    Matrix summarizing the various functions within the FFBD
a.    Function number
b.    Function name
c.    Function requirement summary
d.    Associated equipment/facilities

The Requirements Analysis Sheet is a table similar to that shown below.  The entry shown illustrates the contents of the Requirements Analysis Sheet for a fictitious system function Number 1.1.4.

Function Number    FunctionName    Requirement    Equipment/Facilities Needed
1.1.4    Review existing Plan of Study    Look over plan of study to verify it is correct    Latest excel file with the up-to-date plan of study

3.0 Deliverables
This homework assignment will be prepared in two steps:

1.    Individually prepared rough draft
2.    Team prepared final draft

3.1 Individually Prepared Rough Draft
Each student is to prepare a rough draft response to the assignment described in Section 2.0. This rough draft will form the basis of team discussions during the class period on Tuesday 18 September.  The rough draft may be handwritten, but each rough draft MUST contain the following information:

a.    Student name
b.    Date
c.    The following signed statement at the top of the first page:

1.0 Technical Criteria
Not Met
2.    Mastery of FFDB concepts
a.    Showed understanding of FFBD technical approach
b.    Technical integrity
i.    Followed rules and conventions for a FFBD
ii.    Included all major system functions
3.    Functional flow diagram requirements
a.    Dimensions
i.    At least three levels
ii.    At least 12 blocks in the first level
iii.    At least 75% of 1st level blocks must have a 2nd level
iv.    At least 25% of the 2nd level blocks must have a 3rd level
b.    Time window covered
c.    Included a Requirements Analysis Sheet
i.    Function number
ii.    Function name
iii.    Function requirement summary
iv.    Associated equipment/facilities

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2.0 Professional Criteria
Not Met
1.    Complied with requirements
a.    Attached draft submissions to the Final Submission
b.    Signed statement exactly as given
c.    Timely submission
2.    Final submission to professional format standards